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About Basement Records
Under new ownership since 2012, we offer many of the same collectibles you've found at Basement Records over the past 25 years. We now offer new releases, disc repair, and special orders too. You'll find that this record store offers many rare treasures to choose from--and at great prices!

Come browse our extensive selection of new and vintage records, cassettes, CDs, and DVDs, and as well as our video games, classic magazines, and laser discs. We're continuing the same buy/sell/trade business as before, so come see us if you're looking to sell some of your own collection too.​

Matthew Adkisson, Owner
Matthew is a long-time music enthusiast with his own extensive personal collection--both new and vintage--as well as a dedicated "Rockin' Room" in his own basement. He frequents record stores both near and far, and is committed to refreshing the inventory at Basement Records to make sure you find something you like. Being a collector himself, he knows how much it means to find the rare items you need to expand or complete your own collection. He and the staff at Basement Records will do their best to help find what you're looking for and will even place special orders for the hard-to-find items!
Committed to helping you find the rare treasures you've come to love over the years